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Little Horsey Little Lessons has received great Educational and Horse Industry reviews including those from the AQHYA, Young Rider Magazine, Equine Affaire, The Midwest Dressage Association, and Michigan State University Youth Horse Program Agents.

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  • Horse Professional Magazine - Horseman's Library (December 2001)
    "A young girl meets a special horse and as she looks into his big brown eyes, she knows she has a friend. As she learns to ride, she discovers there is more to being around a horse than equitation. In her mind, her wise horse friend talks to her. He teaches many things such as patience, consideration and determination. Each chapter teaches a life lesson as her involvement with her horse grows. Soft watercolors lend a romantic air of fantasy that many youngsters have about owning a horse. Although structured for younger children this book is appropriate for all ages, including teens. And adults, even if not horse owners will appreciate the life lessons they can teach their children. Professionals may want to consider this an age appropriate holiday gift for clients."

  • Denise Birchfield, Ohio University Public Television WOUB/WOUC Children's Programming Outreach/ Apprentice to Brent Semingson-John Lyons Certified Select Trainer/ Smoke Rise Ranch
    "Parents bring their young children to visit our Ranch for that "special outing." They just want to ride a pony. Here at Smoke Rise, we don't just give pony rides. We consider the horse. I jump at the chance to teach a child what a horse is really saying to them and cannot wait to integrate "Little Horsey Little Lessons" as a part of my learning triangle! Of course, it is also wonderful to catch a parent learning something new, even if it is through the eyes of their children". (2001)

  • Christa Morris, American Quarter Horse Association Youth Programs Manager
    "Little Horsey Little Lessons" receives a resounding two hooves up from me. While reading the story, I couldn't help but envision my first horse and the lessons he taught me. Adults and young people alike can connect to DeMeyer's characters and feel the undeniable magnetism between a girl and her horse. (April 2001)

  • Karen Waite, Equine Youth Specialist Michigan State University - Department of Animal Science
    "Little Horsey Little Lessons brought back so many memories of learning with my first horse. Your references to safety will be valuable to children who are just starting to learn about horses. This book will help to spark horse interest for kids (or adults!) that may not have had one before. I very much admire your ability to illustrate the positive relationship that can develop between a child and a horse. We have a similar philosophy regarding horses and kids...I am proud that a Michigan 4H volunteer has written such an inspiring book!"

  • Andrea Arnson, Equine Affaire Inc. (2000)
    "...not only a great horse and kid story, but very well written for so many age groups...this book reflects all the postive things horses can give a child. I've read it to my 3 year old son 15 times and still counting. You've done a wonderful job!"

  • Young Rider Magazine Nov/Dec 1999
    "Read and learn...Little Horsey Little Lessons is all about the little things that horses teach you. A nice older horse takes care of his young rider and helps her to become a better rider...lots of pretty pictures, too!"

  • The Chronicle Newspaper 1999 - Fraser Author Shares Love of Horses
    The story of a little girl with a very wise pet horse. The horse whispers gems of truth and advice to his diminutive owner. The horse and rider instructor advice ranges from tips on horseback riding ("Find your seat and feel my stride") to life lessons about not giving up ("I know you can do it, we'll work as a team!") and trusting in family and friends ("talk to them about helping with problems"). The book is an avenue of learning for youth and hopefully they will go on to become responsible pet owners."

  • Joyce Kehrig, Midwest Dressage Association Board Member, New & Views September 1999
    "Little Horsey Little Lessons is a book that children love to listen to. The colorful pictures with the novelty of hidden ladybugs keeps them paging through over and over. While we adults read this book it reminds us of the real reasons we love our horses and all the special memories that go with them..."

  • Patrick Livingston, Michigan 4-H Youth Education and Development Agent
    "There are messages embodied in each story...fostering tools for adult/child communication and life skill lessons."

  • J.F. Miller, Copywriter, Ross Roy Group
    "Ms. DeMeyer's equine tale is a galloping delight. It's educational messages reach much further than the mere confines of the schooling arena."

  • Penelope Kinzer, Trust Officer, Sterling Bank
    "One doesn't have to be familiar with riding to appreciate the universal appeal and lessons to be learned that the stories contained."

  • Linda Krzemecki, Michigan 4-H Volunteer, Member; American Paint Horse Association, Michigan Paint Horse Club
    "Suitable for any child, teen or adult than may recall a special horsey relationship..."

  • Julie Barraque, Rainbow's End Horse Rescue - Hawaii, First Recipient Professional's Choice Leg-Up Humanitarian Award
    "Little Horsey is so sweet and well written. I love the way you've included the horse's thoughts as well. Your book deserves to be in all the horse catalogs...I'll be looking for it!"

  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnson D.V.M., Equine Dentistry
    "It's great to have horse books that educate as well as entertain. I'm sure kids everywhere will enjoy..."


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