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Photography Proofs

A word about your proofs: Photos displayed online are low resolution proofs. Final prints will be color corrected and cropped according to your order. All photos are professionally lab developed.

Remember that horse show and event photos are just that - horse show photos. We have no control over background clutter. Removal of items incurs an additional fee. Depending on the venue you may be required to contact us before your classes for your ring shot.

Click the event below to review your proofs. Most event proofs are displayed online for 1 week only, please order promptly or jot your item number down for future orders. Re-posting proofs or any request for additional viewing after proofs have expired, will incur a $15 fee applied to your print order.

Individual clients may opt to have their proofs displayed online or in a private gallery, for one week.

Call 586-293-5855 to place your order.

Copyright notification: All photographs and images displayed are for viewing proofs purposes only and may not be used in any other way without written permission. This includes downloading to Facebook, My Space, for personal use or any other illegal copying or duplicating of images.

Jot your image file numbers down!

Proofs are removed after viewing for a limited time. You will not connect to a "page is not available". when they have been removed.

All photos are archived from previous years and events. Please note that the time, effort and cost of retrieving and re-posting proofs from our archives incurs a $15 fee that will be applied toward your print order.

2012 - We are extending last year's event sale prices all of this summer although we are photographing very limited horseshows this season with focus on our other projects. Make sure to check the sale info posted with your proofs and adjust your order form accordingly.

2011/2012 Online Proofs (Private galleries are not featured on this page).

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Tori - Proofs viewing expires 3-26-2012






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